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This is why business cards are still relevant in today's day and age.

Millenials may think that business cards are old fashioned. However, they are still an essential part of doing business because it is a quick and easy way of exchanging contact information so that people can get a hold of you and has a more personal touch than sharing your social media profile. With that said, it doesn’t look like business cards are going anywhere in the near future. Every professional still needs a strong business card, see below to find out all the other reasons of having a business card.

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Having a great business card leaves a lasting impression.

Having a business card handy when you’re at a networking event or in a meeting helps others match your face with your name. In addition, when you hand someone your business card, it is a call to action for them to follow up in the near future. Without a business card, they can’t call or email in the future or at least find you on LinkedIn.

Professionals use business cards.

When you hand someone a well designed business card, it is far more professional than writing your name and phone number down on a napkin for them to remember you. Have you ever been at a networking event and everyone is exchanging business cards, but you don’t have one? It’s much easier to avoid that embarrassment.

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Convey your personal brand strongly with your business card.

Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or you have a 9-5 job, it doesn’t matter. Your personal identity and style should show in your business card. Having a Suede Business Card is an affordable way to have an amazing business card to hand out.

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The fastest and easiest way to exchange information is still your business card.

Having to enter someone’s contact information on your phone is far less efficient than being able to pull their business card out when you get back to the office. This gives you the opportunity to focus more on learning more about the person that you’re meeting than spending time fumbling through your phone to get their information