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These days, publishing your own book is becoming an affordable option for many companies or authors who have simply not been able to in past years. Going back just ten or twenty years ago, it seemed almost impossible to think that you could get your own book published without having to have an agent, representative, or publishing house to market it. specializes in quick turnaround and high volume able to meet any required printing deadline.

If you're considering having your own book published, you have two different options available currently. The first is to have the book printed in what is called a digital format, meaning the book is published without being printed on paper. Bringing the book to Amazon and having them add it to their Kindle list is one widely used method for this option. You don't have to do it this way, though, it's just an option. The other way people publish their own books today is to send a manuscript or rough draft to a printing company such as and have it corrected by the staff there, to find any spelling, grammar or other mistakes and set up material for digital book printing.

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Tampa Printing’s creative team will help you decide which style is best for printing your text. You are able to choose to have the final version available as a portable document format, also known as PDF. Other options available include ePub, and mobi. As a vendor-independent XML-based e-book format, the EPUB format has gained some traction, meaning that almost any modern computing system can read its content. When used for book printing, the mobi format has the advantage of being an early adopter so that most tablets, laptops and other computer devices are able to read its contents. The company that originally invented the format .mobi is a French company that Amazon purchased in 2005.

Read on if you are considering a more traditional approach, using the paper and binding method to have book printing done. When deciding to have your book printed and published using what most people consider to be the normal way of book printing, there are some things to consider.

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Once you have the content for your book available, you'll need to consider the available budget. How many copies of the book do you want printed? On what type of paper do you want to the book printing done? Will any of the pages in the book be color? If so, how many colors? How many pages will be black and white? What type of cover do you want to use? Should is be durable and made of stiff cardboard or simply a thick-style paper binding? Do you want to go all-out and have the pages of the book physical stitched into the binding or will your book printing project simply require that the pages be glued together? If you've never had a book printed before, there are a lot of things to consider and it's something the creative team at Tampa Printing can not only help you with, but also brings to your project their years of expertise and assistance

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Next Steps

Once you've got everything figured out for your book printing project, the last hurdle to get over is how many copies you'd like to have made. Like most things that are manufactured or created, the more you purchase, the lower the price becomes. However, you may find that you want to take a new approach to this problem. What is becoming increasingly popular within the book printing is to have them simply produced “on demand". What this means for the beginning author or business is that as sales come in, the book is printed. While this might seem like a complicated way to have your book brought to market, you may find that is makes the most financial sense. And, don't forget that Tampa Printing offers delivery right to your doorstep for any book printing job. We'll deliver directly to your home, office or other location – even if it's outside of the metro Tampa area. If you are in the Orlando area, be sure to check out our other book printing branch, Print Gorilla