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Writing a book is a huge achievement. You’ve ignored all the criticism, all the naysayers, and everyone who said you should just give up on your long arduous journey to completing your book. Congratulations! So what now? Self-publishing books has become a massive industry in and of itself and, unlike perhaps thirty years ago, many authors are finding it’s easier to get your start in the publishing industry by yourself. Whether you self-publish on Amazon, Google, or any of the other myriad of self-publishing services available today, you’ll likely want a paperback. And unless you’re a long-lost relative of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable type printing press himself, you’re likely going to need some help. That’s where Tampa Printing comes in!

At TampaPrinting.com we offer a full suite of book binding services. We maintain a staff of skilled professionals well-versed in the PUR perfect book binding method. What’s PUR, you ask? PUR is the shortened name given to a method of perfect book binding widely practiced today. The method involves gluing the pages directly to the spine and trimming excess paper from the edges to give your book that sleek, completed look. If you’ve held a book in the past five years, you’ve seen an example of the PUR method.

So let’s talk benefits. The PUR method is by far the strongest and most durable binding method today, so you’ll be sure that your precious paperbacks will last. Even in the hands of the most voracious reader. Beyond the method itself, Tampa Printing offers a variety of professional advice and recommendations straight from the mouths of our dedicated book binding professionals. We’ve helped a lot of people launch their first, second, etc. books. Let us be your guide on your own book binding journey.

With Tampa Printing’s services available online at TampaPrinting.com, you’ll never be left wondering “where’s the nearest book binding near me”? In fact, with an average turnaround of three to five days, you won’t have much time to wonder at all before your book arrives beautifully bound and covered, right to your door. At Tampa Printing we offer full color, full bleed book bindings printed on premium 100# text, 70# uncoated, and just about any other book binding variation available today. With a mere 36-page minimum even the shortest story or memoir can be brought to live in vivid paperback at Tampa Printing today!

Before we conclude this short breakdown of the book binding services offered by Tampa Printing, we want to congratulate you again. If you’re even considering a professional book binding service like ours, you’ve already accomplished a lot. The path of the self-published author is a difficult but rewarding one. We know what questions come up during this process and, through years of experience, we have answers! Whether it’s for full book binding service or simple advice and guidance, let Tampa Printing assist you on your paperback journey. Give us a call today to discuss pricing and options, we’d love to help you today! Contact us through our website or call us at (813)PRINTER today!