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The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing
and Postcard Printing

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How Do You Market Your Business?

Business owners use various ways of marketing their products and services on an ongoing basis.While the rapid expansion of internet and social media site use has contributed to more acceptance of online marketing, traditional marketing approaches still maintain their own distinct appeal. One traditional method of advertising is direct mail postcards. Postcard printing and direct mail campaigns provide a great way to put the work out about your company.

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At TampaPrinting, we offer high-quality postcard printing and fast turnaround that you can rely on. Here are the different advantages of direct mail marketing and postcard printing.


Direct mail advertising is relatively affordable, as eye-catching or vibrant postcards can be designed and printed. While postcards are able to be printed by the thousands, smaller quantities can be sent first to see their effectiveness.Postcard printing also helps you to save on envelopes, printing costs, and address labels because, unlike a letter, producing and mailing a printed postcard is easier and simpler. If you order or buy a large number of postcards, the prices tend to be even lower.


Unlike ads on televisions, as well as in magazines and newspapers, direct mail postcards are specifically tailored. A retailer may acquire a mailing list of people with certain purchasing characteristics or behaviors. This enables the advertising of direct mail and printed postcards to focus on specific markets that are critical for business growth.

Attracts Attention of Customers

Direct mail postcards can be individualized by addressing clients by their names. Addressing a client by name provides an enhanced experience leading to the purchase of a business product. You can also use fun graphics, custom fonts and various colors to grab the attention of the recipients.


You can send postcards to various recipients using our postcard printing service to direct them to a toll-free number or to your business website for more details. You can also ask the receiver of your postcard to enter his / her info and then return the postcard. This makes it possible to encourage readers to participate in different ways by using direct mail postcards.


You can track the effectiveness of this marketing strategy if you use our postcard printing service and send direct mail postcards to varying recipients. This is possible because you know how many postcards have been sent out and how many leads, new inquiries, or even sales have been produced. You can decide if the postcard marketing approach works or not by comparing the numbers generated. Our postcard printing service uses advanced software and unique pre-press techniques to enable quick turnaround. Our printing system is perfect delivering clearer, cleaner images and a small / no difference in color. In addition, our postcards are printed using various press formats. We understand that there are different requirements and budget for various clients. The wide range of sizes is critical for us to deliver economically efficient postcard printing. In conjunction, our postcards incorporate both an Aqueous and UV coating that gives them shine and durability. If you want a quick turnaround and high-quality printing work, please contact us today.