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Printing and Custom Design Services for Pocket Folders available
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In an era when everyone shops smarter, trustworthiness is the most important characteristic that potential partners and customers require before doing business with you. Every cause, brand, and business needs to garner trust in their professionalism, reliability, and longevity. Investing in custom pocket folders subtly displays integrity and a strong commitment to your work.

The sharing of proposals, contracts, receipts, and other deliverables typically happens during some of the most sensitive times of the sales process. Custom pocket folders help to avoid unnecessary objections and buyer’s remorse by imprinting your brand on the literature and materials you share.

For design creativity and appropriate functionality, it’s vital to choose a company who’s pocket folder services can bring to life what you envision for your business. The personality of your brand should be reflected in its marketing material. At Tampa Printing, we include your industry expertise in the decision-making process so the final product is one you are truly thrilled with. There are many styles and starting templates to appropriately suit events, meetings, product launches, and more.

Our pocket folders are perfect for professional presentation and organizing all marketing or promotional materials. They are printed on 9x12 or 6x9 premium 14pt cardstock and have two-pocket or single-pocket options. Convenient business card slits are available as an option as well.

We have many satisfied clients and experience in partnering with companies like yours to customize pocket folder types from numerous options.

Size: Additional sizes are available according to your specific needs and range from 5x7 (w/3” pocket) to 9x14.5 (w/4” pocket).

Quantity: There are 9 order sizes available from a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 25,000.

Color & Finish: Choose the shade you like and the parts of the folders you want to be colored. For a premium look and feel, high-gloss UV and matte finishes are available.

In business, time is of the essence. With so many options, our dedicated team of experienced designers is here to assist you and make the process smooth and as simple as possible. We are dedicated to producing quality work with a speedy turnaround. You can have your pocket folders delivered in as soon as 2 business days.

Give yourself every advantage possible to be successful. Your attention to detail says a lot about the character of your brand and investing in custom pocket folders can certainly elevate you above the competition. In addition to credibility, brand awareness is reinforced when using thoughtful pocket folders for transactions.

As you grow and your logo becomes synonymous with the personality of your brand, branding collateral increasingly means and is worth more. Those that receive folders will visually associate your badge with the great experience had with you and subconsciously reassure their decision.

Tampa Printing understands the psychology behind presenting branded material. More importantly, we embrace the expectations placed on us when trusted to provide high-quality results for your brand and business. Assess what factors may be important to you and contact us today at 813-PRINTER (774-6837).