Three Tips for Launching a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Three Tips for Launching a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

There is an enduring misconception in today's digital era that print media is extinct. The truth is, direct mail marketing campaigns continue to blow virtual promotions out of the water, with an impressive response rate of 4.4 percent compared to online campaigns ' paltry 0.12 percent rate. A direct mail campaign can result in a spectacular new customer acquisition level of 34 percent, suggesting you can not only target your community's eyes specifically, but also get an amazing return on your investment.

Those numbers will not produce themselves, though. You also need to do your part. There are a few nuances to running a prosperous direct mail marketing campaign but if you follow these 3 pointers, you can make sure your next direct mail campaign is a tremendous success.

Know what your audience wants

A perfectly formatted marketing campaign that relies on millennials inside jokes may be a complete hit by your target audience is a group of thirty-somethings, but what if you try to capture baby boomers ' attention? Be sure to investigate and understand who your target audience is, before sinking all of your capital into the design of your next campaign. Not only can you avoid alienating them, but you can also help make sure that you get the return rate that you want.

Be creative in your design.

The average American receives 848 pieces of mailed advertisements every year. There is even a word for it: junk mail. You need to make sure your direct mail campaign stands out from all the other mail they receive, to keep it from being discarded being even being read. An eye-catching, unique design will make all the difference in determining if your attended audience reads or throws away your advertisement.

Include a call to action.

What's your final goal of your campaign for direct mail? If you don't know, how can you expect your clients to know? Make sure that you are clear about what you want your viewers to do, whether you want them to click on your website or take advantage of an exclusive discount you are offering. Make sure to include a straightforward call to action to prevent a negative return on investment on your direct mail marketing campaign. Of course, when preparing your next direct mail campaign, there are also some serious "don'ts" to avoid. Do not let it slip out of the gate without first re-reading it carefully. There is nothing that can tarnish your name like typos or spelling errors on your mailings. Also, be sure to follow up with your potential clients, particularly if they contacted you specifically because of your campaign. Finally, don't trust just anybody with your next direct mail campaign. We can help you design and launch your next campaign here at Tampa Printer, whether it's just a small, 250-piece order or a large 100,000-piece campaign. On your next direct mailing venture, we look forward to helping you!