Tampa Color Copies

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Quick Color Copy Services, Preparation and Binding of Documents, Minimum Order $5 as Quick as 1 hour

As Tampa Printing, we offer not only high-quality color copy printing, but also our service is offered at a pocket-friendly cost. With our service, you don't need to sacrifice quality to get affordable color copies. This is possible because we only use state-of - the-art printing technology. Our state-of - the-art digital printers and finishing equipment can guarantee color, and black and white copies for all of the customers that are made quicker and more competitively, even if you need copies of bulk colors.

Black and White Copies

For printing products that are less graphically oriented, such as order forms, information brochures, and take-out menus, black and white copies are usually used. Our B&W copies are always of high quality, with the minimum and maximum quantity of printing being 1 and 10,000. Other features of this service are:

Printed on premium paper options such as 50# Offset Uncoated, 50# Yellow Offset, and 50# Pink Offset.

Minimum order costs around $5

Pricing as low as .05 an impression

Single sided or double sided

Cutting options available in the form of 1, 2, 3, and 4 cuts

Corner staples available

Folding options available are bi-fold and tri-fold

Hole punch options available are 2 and 3 hole punch

Walk-in walk out turnaround available

Black & White Documents

If you want to keep things simple, black and white documents are essential. In contrast to color document printing, black and white document printing is also necessary if you want to save on printing costs. Our options for printing copies include:

Printing on 50# White Offset, #50 Yellow Offset, and #50 Pink Offset.

70# Premium Uncoated paper printing available (the black & white single sided .09 per sheet black & white double sided .14 per sheet).

Price Breaks (250 save .01 per page, 500 save .02 per page, and 1000 save .04 per page)

Corner staples available

2 and 3 hole punch options and stapling available

Coil binding with plastic covers available

Color Copies

For brochures, books, newsletter, training manuals, customized calendars, menus, etc., we offer color copies. We offer fast copies that are also cheap to our customers. Our affordable copies are of high printed quality.

Printed on high-quality 50# White Offset Stock and 70# Premium Uncoated Text

Minimum order costs about $5

Single or double folded sided

Custom folding options available

Corner staple available

Cutting to flyer size available

2 or 3 hole punch options available

Walk-in walk-out available

Color Documents

Printed on premium 50# Offset Uncoated and #70 Uncoated Text

Price breaks available

Full color single-sided- .26 per sheet

Full color double sided- .46 per sheet

Corner staple available

Hole punch options available

Fast Print turnaround available: Same business day, next business day, and walk-in walk-out

Premium document bindery and stocks are also available

Plastic cover finishing

You can contact us via any of the communication channels given to use our affordable and quick copy printing service today. Our customer service team is readily available, friendly and can guide you through our numerous printing services including the printing of color documents.