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How should I use the service of Every Door Direct Mailing?

Saving money in advertising is as critical for most business owners as the success of the advertisement in attracting and retaining the interest of people is essential. Postcard marketing with every door direct mailing is the perfect answer if a high-impact company advertisement is also realistic.

Postcards, flyers, brochures, and other types of print materials are all effective ways of promoting any business. However, distribution of these to your potential customers could pose a problem once they are printed and delivered to your door. It could take time to employ someone to distribute them by hand for you, plus you cannot be sure the person can deliver all your mail items. While mailing lists guarantee that your mail will reach your intended audience, they are very expensive. On the other hand, every door direct mailing ensures that your mail items reach your destination without breaking your budget.

Why are postcards the best mail piece to use with EDDM?

Although it is possible to use EDDM services with any kind of mail item, postcards are the most interesting and flexible ways to take advantage of EDDM because everyone loves to receive postcards. Postcards with stunning designs and your business announcement will certainly capture the attention of anyone with a call for action. In addition, since postcard marketing has been shown to boost sales by using EDDM postcards will enable you to gain more potential clients for your company in shorter time, at a lower cost.

Should I use separate companies for printing my postcards and EDDM services?

It is up to you to decide this. Nonetheless, you should always note that hiring a reliable company that offers both printing and mailing services is simpler and more price effective.

Which Tampa printing company offers Tampa mailing services and postcard printing?

EDDM is not provided by all Tampa postcard printing companies. If they do, the price of both services may be very costly depending on how many postcards you send out and how big the target mailing area is., one of Tampa's top printing companies, provides all products at very affordable rates.

Why should I consider for my postcard mailers? is home to a lot of experienced and skilled designers to help you with design projects. Once you are pleased with the design, the best materials for your postcards will be used by and finished in your choice of coating: aqueous coating for a semi-gloss finish or UV coating for a high-gloss finish. Your postcards will be both beautiful and durable, making a postcard marketing campaign more successful.

Why should I use EDDM services from for my postcard mailers?

We believe you should only pay for what we mail at To insure that all addresses to which we mail are correct, we must check the address list through CASS as well as remove addresses that have been found to be duplicated. Mailing services from will also provide you with budget flexibility to deliver your messages with any form of mail piece at any time. Our company guarantees that your postcard mailers will be mailed 2-5 days after we have finished printing, as time is money in every business. Ultimately, will take care of your confidentiality-you won't have to worry about your competition knowing about your mail pieces while letting your target audience see your message.

Look at what has to offer — the finest printing and mailing services for less — for your Tampa postcard printing needs and Tampa mailing services.