Tri-Fold & Bi-Fold Brochures

Brochures are a fun and efficient way to get the word out about your company

A brochure is a small booklet containing a product's promotional materials or a general product description. Brochures are commonly used as a form of marketing. Descriptions of products are presented as a pamphlet.

For the most part, brochures are used to promote or introduce a business and provide brief or detailed information about the services or products offered. Brochures are displayed in brochure racks or shipped out to the target audience.

There are many types of brochures printed by the printing services of Tampa Printing. The products include; tri-fold and bi-fold brochure printing. Such services are available from our Tampa shop or can be ordered from our website.

Choosing a brochure style depends on how it is to be used and and the amount of copies to be produced. Printing services from Tampa brochures Printing guarantee flawless level of quality in brochure printing at unbeatable pricing.

Tri-fold brochures

A page of a tri-fold brochure results in six panels, i.e. there are three panels on each side of a paper. If there is a lot of information to be displayed, this type of brochures is powerful when the details would otherwise take a lot of pages.

Since the text material is condensed in panels, tri-fold brochures are economical. In fact, a booklet type is enticing, so the target audience will be eager to read. At affordable rates, Tampa printing services offer tri-fold brochure printing services. In fact, we customize brochures to be more attractive with the use of our innovative design machines.

Bi-fold brochures

There are two panels on each page in the bi-fold brochures, making one sheet contain four panels in total. The lowest cost multi-fold brochure that can be made is the bi-fold brochure. The bi-fold brochure is a paper that is folded once on each page to produce the two panels. In total there are four panels on each page in the bi fold brochure paper.

High-quality photo printing to maximize consumer interest. This makes the effect of the brochure strong or as anticipated.

Full color printing and image printing with high resolution. Tampa brochure printing services are therefore very sharp and presentable, offering high-resolution color brochures of high quality.

Customers can order from our website from anywhere (

The client is provided a free catalogue of our designs and layouts, so the resulting brochure is designed as specified.

Quick to reach the time frame for bulk orders. Our company is committed to pleasing our customers. Discounts and wholesale services are available for bulk orders.

It is convenient to place online orders as they can be placed in any part of the country. It is therefore possible to make deliveries via the mail. Enjoy hassle free services from us!


In summary, if they are printed by professionals, brochures can be very effective in marketing. Interesting brochures generate attention so potential clients may be interested in the advertised service or product. Tampa brochure printing is certainly the company to beat when the main concern is brochures. This fact is supported by the fact that we provide a wide range of custom printing work to improve the brochure's impact.