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What Type Menus Do You Need?

Tampa Printer will help you create the most deliciously mouthwatering menus, whether you are starting a new restaurant with a new menu or just want to upgrade an existing menu. It is as simple as choosing between types of card stocks, one or two side menus, and the amount of menus required.

What Type Menus Do You Need?

Dine-in and take-out menus can be created by Tampa Printing. Generally, eat-in menus are printed on both sides of the card stock and provide enticing descriptions of each menu item. For visually tempting visitors to try the food, full color pictures may be included. Take-out menus are often printed on any color paper you choose to use in black and white or with black ink, while full-color take-out menus can also be produced with a magazine-style finish from Tampa Printing. For the same price, take-out menus can be one-sided or two-sided.

Design and Layout

The Tampa Printer designers will help you select your menu's best design based on the food that your restaurant serves. Design includes the visual design of the menu entries, the images to be included, and the type and font size of the print.

Menu Folding

Folding style is another decision that Tampa Printer can help you determine if you want menus folded in the middle, a double-fold menu, or no folds. The single-fold in the middle for dine-in menus is the most popular type. It allows customers to read the menu like a book. The double-fold is ideal for take -out menus that fold up like a brochure with menu items and restaurant details written on both sides of one sheet of paper. For the take-out menus, descriptions are normally briefer so the menu can fit into the smaller space. On one side or both sides, no-fold menus can be printed. These can be printed either for dine-in or take-out menus and are perfect for menus featuring a smaller selection of items.

Card Stock and Coating

Menus are printed on premium card stock and finished with a coating. Tampa Printer's card stock is designed to stand up to the use by both diners and restaurant staff. Coatings are essential in order to avoid soiling the menus by dropping food on them and constant handling. Coatings also make cleaning menus easier. Different paper stocks thicknesses are available to suit your needs for take-out menus. The card stock and paper stock is available in several sizes: 4x9, 8.5x11, 11x17, 9x12, 12x18, and 11x25.5 inches.

Print Runs and Cost

Tampa Printer can set up a print run that fits your restaurant's needs with the number of dine-in and take-out menus printed. The print run price will vary depending on the ordered number. Print runs from a minimum of 500 menus to a maximum of 100,000 menus. Prices range from $143 for 500 4"x9" menus to $32,284 for 100,000 of the largest menus.

Let Tampa Printing help you design your restaurant's single most important advertising product - your menu. You can create appetizing full-color menus for your restaurant with Tampa Printing, that will keep your customers coming back for more.