Tips For Successful Car Magnet Marketing

Car Magnet Marketing

Custom Car Magnets in Tampa, FL

Customized car magnets are a good marketing tool in Tampa. The process of researching, designing and buying custom car magnets is easy, and we have given you some tips to help you along the way.

Examine the Door of the Car

Before ordering your custom car magnet, we suggest checking the door. Try a fridge magnet to see if it has any problems sticking to the door of the car. If it has problems, the door is most likely made of fiberglass and will not be able to hold a sign for a magnet car. If this is the case, vinyl decals might be a good option.

Keep the Design Simple

When businesses in Tampa request car magnet printing, they may go overboard with the design occasionally. However, keeping your message clear and simple is the best way to get your point across. Simply add the name, phone number and website of your company, along with some services that you offer. For a potential client to read on a passing car, that's a lot of information.

Use Full Color Graphics

Prospective clients have only a few seconds to read all the details on your Tampa custom car magnets, making high-quality full color graphics the right choice. Full color simply grabs attention. For instance, if you own a plant nursery and want to advertise on a car magnet, avoid listing all the products and service you offer in black and white print. Instead, add some pictures of flowers.

Measure the Door of The Car

Car magnet printing in Tampa is available in different shapes and sizes, which usually fits nearly any vehicle. However, measuring your car door before placing an order is always advised to ensure that you don't receive a magnet that doesn't fit. We also suggest you bear in mind any bevels and molding of the car body.

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