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Most people are willing to buy a plain cotton T-shirt at the store, picking out the color they want and putting an iron on the symbol, photo or emblem on the T-shirt. For those who prefer a higher-quality T-shirt with a higher-quality image, logo or words on the T-shirt, they want something that looks professional representing a particular company, group or club, or something they want to bring attention to. The T-shirts are made of silk instead of the cotton fabric from which the typical T-shirt is made. The silk T-shirts come in various colors and sizes so no matter what type of logo, image or wording the person wants on the T-shirt will show and be recognizable to anyone who sees them. The logo, image or words are put on with double stitching and there is very little risk that when worn, dry cleaned or ironed it will come off the T-shirt.

There are three ways a person can obtain the type of symbol, image or words that they want to put on their T-shirt. First, there is the typesetting which means that once the logo, picture or words have been added to the T-shirt, it would be difficult to change the logo, picture or words without difficulty and without any additional cost to the individual or business.

The design is the next phase required for the individual or business receiving the T-shirt. There are many options to represent the company or individual on a professional level as to what the design can be. Pictures, logos and certain phrases will be used to communicate their message to other people or businesses in the appropriate way. Any logos, photos or words to use must be given by the person or company who wants to place them on the T-shirts. Thus, the individual or company knows that the message they want to convey will be represented by what is put on the T-shirt.

The premium design is the best option to choose from in order to have the best quality T-shirt. In selecting this T-shirt design, the individual or company may have to purchase the logo, photo, or words on the specific T-shirt.

Once the person or business has determined how to set up the T-shirts, the next step is to determine the price they feel comfortable paying out. The option of a limited number of logos, images or words with little editing would cost the least. If a person or business selects the premium option, the price will rise considerably as there are more logos, pictures and words to choose from. When a person or business chooses to go with the highest premium design option, the amount paid will bring more attention to the T-shirts, leading to more sales for the company or the person.