Custom Car Magnet Printing Services In Tampa, FL

Custom Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnet Printing in Tampa, FL

At Tampa Printing, we understand that for all companies a full color car door magnet is a great mobile outdoor marketing tool. Show off your business with one of our stylish custom car magnets in Tampa today.

Materials for Custom Car Magnets

Our custom car magnets are printed on strong 30 mil magnets in high resolution. Such magnets are very sturdy and will hold your name, company logo, phone number, and any other info for up to four years.

Sizes And Design for Custom Car Magnets

For our car magnets, we offer two standard sizes, 12x18 inches and 12.24 inches. Please contact us via our website to receive a custom quote from us if you have a custom size in mind. All magnets come in full color. You have the option to select that your car magnet artwork has been adjusted and is ready to go, or that your artwork still has to be adjusted when you finalize your order online.

Design for Custom Car Magnets

We offer a JPG template that you can download to work with when designing your custom car magnet. The template will help you by displaying the blue line (everything must be inside this line in order not to be cut off), the red line (the finished product will be inside these lines) and the black line (the bleed line to which all text and photos that bleed off must be extended).

Quick Turnaround

Based on your project's urgency, you can choose a 3 to 5 business day print turnaround. We ship through FedEx and offer local pick-up services.

Order your custom car magnets in Tampa today through our website, give us a call at 813-774-6837, or visit us at our new retail store located at 705 W. Platt St. Tampa FL 33606.