Every Door Direct Mail Printing In Tampa, FL

Every Door Direct Mail Services In Tampa

EDDM Printing in Tampa, FL

Using every door direct mail (EDDM) in Tampa is an efficient way to reach the masses in a particular area. Adding EDDM to your pieces of direct mail in Tampa provides your target audience with a high-impact form of direct mail advertising in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We offer high-quality mailers at low rates at Tampa Printing to make EDDM simple for you. Because EDDM is sent through mailing services in Tampa, all you need to do is bring your mail pieces to your local post office, and they will do all the required work. You can also choose to have us do all the mailing prep work, and we will also deliver your mailers to the post office. You can set up this option when you place your order on our website under the "mailing and posting" tab.

Every Door Direct Mail Quality

All our mailers with EDDM are printed on premium 14pt, or 16pt cardstock. The colors on each of our mailers come out brighter, clearer, and smoother with our commercial-standard presses; giving your mails vibrant text and pictures. You have the option of matte, Uv2, or Uv1 gloss, as well as single-or double-sided printing when selecting your mailers.

Every Door Direct Mail Size And Quantity

For your cardstock mailers, Tampa Printing offers a wide range of standard sizes: 4.5”x12”, 6.5”x9”, 6.5”x11”, 6”x12”, 6.5”x12”, 8”x6.5”, 8.5”x7”, 8.5”x7”, 8.5”x11”, 9”x11”, 9”x12”, and 11”x17”. We have a minimum order of 50 required when placing an order for every door direct mail printing in Tampa.

Every Door Direct Mail Design

At Tampa Printing, we offer various design options for EDDM. If you choose to design your own EDDM mailers, we have templates you can download from our website in JPG format. We also have talented graphic designers who can create a design from scratch using your copy text and stock photos (custom design) or use the logo and copy text provided by your business as well as other materials (art and stock photos) provided by us to create your mailer design.

Fast Turnaround

We offer a extremely-fast 24-hour turnaround here at Tampa Printing for all mailers in Tampa. Your mailers can be available for the next day, the same day, and 2-3 business day turnaround. We ship using FedEx and for the same day or next day service we also offer local pick-up services.

Order your every door direct mail printing in Tampa today through our website, give us a call at 813-774-6837, or visit us at our new retail store located at 705 W. Platt Street, Tampa, FL 33606.