Yard Sign Printing Services in Tampa, FL

Custom Yard Signs Tampa

Yard signs are among the best forms of outdoor advertising. Whether you're looking to advertise a yard sale, house for sale, or even a company for sale, yard signs are both affordable and efficient. The brief message of a yard sign will be easily absorbed by passers-by. At Tampa Printing, when it comes to custom yard signs in Tampa, we offer several different choices.

Custom Yard Sign Colors

We offer a wide variety of ink colors to choose from at Tampa Printing. If you choose to have a white background, though, we can only print the lettering in one color. We know that a yard sign is more prominent on a white background with letters in just one color (we recommend black or white) and will be more successful at getting your message across. Single or double sided, custom yard signs are available in one color or full color.

Custom Yard Sign Materials

All of our Tampa yard sign printing is done on 4 mil corrugated plastic of high quality. This material is lightweight and sturdy and is oil and water resistant. It is also easy to clean, and it can be used over and over again if stored properly. Corrugated plastic is aligned with vertical flutes as an added bonus, making it very easy to mount signs on posts or stakes.

Custom Yard Sign Size and Quantity

Our standard Tampa custom yard signs sizes are 12"x18, "18"x24" and 24"x24" and are available in custom sizes upon request. At Tampa Printing, the minimum order for a yard sign is 25 and there is no maximum order size.

Custom Yard Sign Design

We offer custom yard sign templates in three formats; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and JPG. We also offer design services for your convenience. You can provide the design elements and our design team will make minor edit on our end in order to create your custom yard signs. The second option is premium design services, which consists of using elements provided by both you and us.

Fast Turnaround

Based on your project's urgency, you can choose a 4 to 7 business day print turnaround. We ship through FedEx and offer local pick-up services.

Order your custom yard signs in Tampa today through our website, give us a call at 813-322-8288, or or visit us at our new retail store located at 705 W. Platt Street, Tampa, FL 33606.